WHat are the elements of knowledge management model?

Knowledge Management is the best combination of the data, text and online information to extract knowledge and useful information. It is done to help the academic directors, decision makers and administrators to define the appropriate learning policies.

Student profiling is also necessary for the allocation of scholarship in addition to text and web mining. In text and web mining, detection of web plagiarism is also necessary to be identified in the student’s projects and assignments.

In knowledge distribution, use of MAS (multiple agent system) is also very important. It is important because of the providing intelligence to the elearning model. In elearning, it is very important to monitor the overall transactions in the overall websites.

The monitoring of the overall transactions is performed by software agents. These software agents also navigate to the overall outside website activities and events. These software agents are helpful in updating the online library memories and repositories.

In the last, overall queries and reporting data is important for getting the complete information about the different components of the online learning system. Data visualization techniques and charts are used to show the data and view of the repository data.      

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How to interact with the portlet servers in the ColdFusion framework?

Today is the era of the information overloading. But to adjust with the pieces of information to make a final piece of product is an important aspect. Before this era of the information overloading, data filtering was limited to the sorting the information and fill out the missing parts. But now, the scenario is different.

Today the scenario id information overloading has worsened. So to mitigate the digital technologies is very necessary for to mitigate the right information at the right time. There are many different methods to mitigate the information technology & alternative mediums to assist in automation of information retrieval.

Dealing with the load of information, it is necessary to adopt the appropriate methods and techniques like the room service model to mitigate the terms of information gathering. First of the important technique, the search engine can help in mitigating the information. Generally people like to use larger search engine services like - google and bing to find the correct information.

As per the example - in the google search engine, when a user write some words as their key query then Google search engine finds the desired pages on the base of their search algorithms. Today many search engines have the complete capacity of handling and removing the broken pages and duplicate websites from their index.

many type of information is pulled back to the user for the fast information retrieval. Many websites provide the RSS feed (real site syndication) services for their websites & blogs which can easily transfer the right information to the user. This type of arrangements are useful for searchers not to perform the same searchers for the right information.     


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What is the use of the WSDL in the ColdFusion framework?

One of the biggest benefits of using the ColdFusion 9 application that it has the collection of the enterprise level facilities and services. There are many facilities like - creating charts and visuals, managing emails, managing database applications etc which can easily be managed by ColdFusion 9 framework.  

All of these services are provided by the ColdFusion 9 exposed services layer. CFML and ColdFusion scripts are self-sufficient languages to provide you everything you need. This all work is performed by the ColdFusion 9 ESL services, where to access the functionality no ColdFusion coding is required. Non-ColdFusion developers can also use this functionality to handle dynamic data.

ColdFusion 9 framework also gives you facility to make the custom web services via MX administrator. A ColdFusion developer can use the custom web services functionality by two ways - a) by using the ESI itself  b) using the self-created web services to access the functionality. These ESI web services are the part of any ColdFusion application root folder.

ColdFusion automatically provides WSDL ( web service definition language ) for any reference or web service created by the application user. The WSDL indicates the complete reference to the operations, arguments & functions for that particular ColdFusion application. In many ColdFusion integrated development programs, it is facilitated to consume WSDL documents of application.  

The web services which are the part of the ESL services, they can easily be accessed by the ColdFusion 9 tags and functions. There is no need to define the separate tags and functions to use the ESI services in ColdFusion 9 framework. To properly use these web services, application developer has only the need of the ColdFusion tags and functions.

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How CFML interacts with Java objects and classes?

CFML is not enough to define and fulfill your responsibilities alone like - interacting with other applications, communicating with other legacy systems, writing high performance code etc. To perform these tasks efficiently, Java EE platform is necessary.  

There are variety of ways, by which many ColdFusion and Java objects interact with each other. ColdFusion can also interact with the Java platform applications like - java server pages, java servlets, tag libraries etc. The things impossible in ColdFusion can be fulfilled easily in Java platform.

CFML gives you all the facility to work with the Java classes and objects. There are following services which you can add with the CFMl interface, like -

  • built-in classes and their member variables and functions.
  • self-written java classes and obtained from third party.

While working with Java objects, there is need to create an instance in CFML with the help of <cfobject> or createobject (). There are following attributes in the <cfobject> tag to work with Java objects -

ACTION - to decide the action of your application. It is a required attribute which has the value of create.   

TYPE -  to decide the connection of Java object. It can be a simple object or bean of Java.

CLASS - the name of the Java class.

NAME - The variable name you want to create to interact with the object.

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How to integrate ColdFusion with integration portals?

In the ninth version of ColdFusion framework, data and content is provided to the broad range of portals and platforms. There are numerous ways to access all the information on portal servers using ColdFusion 9 framework. this facility is also liable for different kind of Java portal servers.

A web portal is the central point of the Java portal servers and sharepoint so that it can present the web applications from multiple way. This type of web portals also provide the facility to interact the other web applications without leaving it.

Sharepoint works through the web parts. A web part is the central point of sharepoint which provides direct facility to show data and content with more control and authentication facility. Generally web parts are created in the asp.net framework.

In Java portal servers, the similar concept of web portlets is introduced. The portlets are web pages or software components which are used to display one or more type of information. The portlets can also show the information including other web applications with data access control and authentication.

Sharepoint and Java portal servers access data and content from the ColdFusion 9 framework. A different page viewer is provided to the application developer to display external web application or internal application database.  

SharePoint includes features that allow you to access data and content from ColdFusion 9 applications. In SharePoint Web Part Pages. You can use the Page Viewer Web Part to display any external web application  including any ColdFusion 9 mobile application.

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Why must you choose the coldfusion feamework for web development ?

Welcome to the world of coldfusion web programming ! Let’s know today about the making of coldfusion components. To make the coldfusion components , complete knowledge of CFML (coldfusion markup language) is necessary. These components are easy to understand and not confusing to create.

Generally in a web application, there are many parts included like - database, data collections and validation, user interface and presentation. At the base of traditional model, these things are hard to control. In coldfusion framework, the complete code logic is separated from the design which is helpful in building that application.

The biggest quality of the coldfusion framework is that a single method can be used at multiple of instances in the entire application and it also reduces the risk of code duplication. It also helps you in managing your code libraries in a manageable size and easily followable.

Another phenomenal quality of coldfusion framework is found that the functions and methods are able to perform the data visualization for you. This is also known as introspection. Coldfusion framework also gives you the facility to define the UDF (user defined functions).  It creates a helpful working environment for you because UDFs generally reduces the overhead to the application resources.

Besides all this functionalities, the functions and methods can easily be grouped together according to their use and sizes. The code libraries can easily be managed and be used in an efficient manner. Different packages can be made for grouping of functions.  

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What are the new learning trends in 2019 ?

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Today business online learning initiatives should be based on personalised approach. A single online course simply prepared for everybody is not the solution of all problems. The business online learners should focus on the fulfilling the gap with their desired skills and individual online learning courses will be helpful for that.


Every new year has come something new for every segment especially for the education and learning segment. Whether it may be business learning or academic initiatives, new innovations and latest trends are always in center. Now let’s try to find out the latest innovations in business and online learning which will be center of point in 2019 -

As a new learning trend of online training, organizations and businesses at medium and big level are adopting the microlearning. In microlearning, learning material is divided into modules and training is provided into the different segments. Different classic visual items like - infographics, videos, gaming quizzes and contests are used to convey the study material.

At some organizations self-paced learning model will be helpful in the 2019 and beyond.  In this type of self paced learning, business learners anonymously develop their targets and they choose their study material as per according to their task lists and schedule. A separate routine is pre-decided to get online training by the individuals.

At last video based online learning has been so successful in providing the new pace to the online learning techniques. Videos are the most fast and effective way to learn about any subject. This trend will be forelasting for the many coming years and beyond.