Why must you choose the coldfusion feamework for web development ?

Welcome to the world of coldfusion web programming ! Let’s know today about the making of coldfusion components. To make the coldfusion components , complete knowledge of CFML (coldfusion markup language) is necessary. These components are easy to understand and not confusing to create.

Generally in a web application, there are many parts included like - database, data collections and validation, user interface and presentation. At the base of traditional model, these things are hard to control. In coldfusion framework, the complete code logic is separated from the design which is helpful in building that application.

The biggest quality of the coldfusion framework is that a single method can be used at multiple of instances in the entire application and it also reduces the risk of code duplication. It also helps you in managing your code libraries in a manageable size and easily followable.

Another phenomenal quality of coldfusion framework is found that the functions and methods are able to perform the data visualization for you. This is also known as introspection. Coldfusion framework also gives you the facility to define the UDF (user defined functions).  It creates a helpful working environment for you because UDFs generally reduces the overhead to the application resources.

Besides all this functionalities, the functions and methods can easily be grouped together according to their use and sizes. The code libraries can easily be managed and be used in an efficient manner. Different packages can be made for grouping of functions.  

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What are the new learning trends in 2019 ?

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Today business online learning initiatives should be based on personalised approach. A single online course simply prepared for everybody is not the solution of all problems. The business online learners should focus on the fulfilling the gap with their desired skills and individual online learning courses will be helpful for that.


Every new year has come something new for every segment especially for the education and learning segment. Whether it may be business learning or academic initiatives, new innovations and latest trends are always in center. Now let’s try to find out the latest innovations in business and online learning which will be center of point in 2019 -

As a new learning trend of online training, organizations and businesses at medium and big level are adopting the microlearning. In microlearning, learning material is divided into modules and training is provided into the different segments. Different classic visual items like - infographics, videos, gaming quizzes and contests are used to convey the study material.

At some organizations self-paced learning model will be helpful in the 2019 and beyond.  In this type of self paced learning, business learners anonymously develop their targets and they choose their study material as per according to their task lists and schedule. A separate routine is pre-decided to get online training by the individuals.

At last video based online learning has been so successful in providing the new pace to the online learning techniques. Videos are the most fast and effective way to learn about any subject. This trend will be forelasting for the many coming years and beyond.


What is the story implementation of the erp in Empire Couriers ?

Empire Couriers is a Tasmanian oriented firm which was started in 2010 and today till coming to 2018, this company has converted into the enterprise for offering end product distribution to a large quantity. This company deals in freight delivery. This company has 3 branch offices in Tasmania.

Today this company is striving to gain the customer services and on-time delivery. The company is well expert in getting the knowledge of the Tasmania weather routes, locations & driving conditions. It also often helps in providing the customer driven services in time.

Why was ERP software implemented into Empire Couriers ?

The initial problem EC was facing that the existing systems were facing the problem of limited data and it also needed the data management by automation oriented systems instead of manual interruption. In addition to that, the branch locations were at different locations, so to access the integrated data was really very necessary.

In addition to that, some tracking systems were also necessary to be tracked by the company like - tracking of parcels, tracking of driver and shipment etc. The EC company was not able to implement the sole systems for each of these tasks.

Firstly Odoo implemented the erp software which could firstly handle the financial system and ticketing system. There was also the facility in ERP to handle the CMS & website portal as well. This custom solution was made to handle the tracking of drivers.  

Benefits -    

  • real time tracking of drivers
  • real time information system for packaging
  • integration of multiple distributed systems to central database
  • financial management and invoice creation with the freight management system
  • automated invoicing system

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What should be the norms of using an ERP software in an organization ?

ERP systems are capable to handle data, any type of data like - material, capital assets and financial transactions. Those system can handle the data input in bulk and processes the information. ERP systems have shown the tremendous performance in the following segments like - general insurance, assembly, retail and education etc. Today to centralise the data in cloud is a sensitive issue.

The use of cloud ERP systems have given more control over the financial resources to the organizations. The growth of the businesses is possible today due to increasing popularity of the cloud erp software. These cloud erp software have also contributed to the infrastructure development and maintenance in an organization.

The ERP software has always contributed the organization to bring all the distributed information system to the centralized information system and can also establish the correlation between the parameters. The proper implementation of an ERP software depends upon the decision making done in the early phases of the implementation phase.

Today the implementation of ERP software in an organization is being considered necessary by the top level administration. The craze of the ERP software development has been increasing from 60s to till today because of the increasing IT innovations in the whole world. The ERP software should be feasible enough to handle the multiple processes within the minimal effort and coding.

Sometimes ERP systems are controlled to work as per according to the organization norms, conditions and terms and its working can be changed as per according to the situations. The implementation time for the ERP software changes as per according to the organization and industry.     

Sometimes there is an extreme condition occurred in an organization that they operate an ERP software both the legacy systems and ERP software together. It can create the data anomalies within the departmental coordination. To operate the legacy systems becomes an extra cost perspective for the top level administration.

To take on the benefits of the ERP software takes a time. This time can be long or short in terms of duration. For more assistance, an organization must take the advice from the vendor time to time for future updates. It is crucial for getting updates from the vendor for achieving the positive results.

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What is the role of erp in the pazstone company ?

Pazstone is a supplier, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of stone products at the most competitive products as full service solutions made of marble, granite, limestone and engineering stone. It was established in 2005 and it was separated from its own commercial stone industry.

Why was the erp implemented in the Pazstone company -

Before implementing the erp software, Pazstone was dependant on the excel spreadsheets and shared folders concept to share their project data and much of the clerical staff was needed to perform this task individually. Still there was the possibility of most common but expensive errors.

It was difficult for the Pazstone company for the measuring of the data of sales analysis and whole of the manufacturing system was being handled manually. There was calendaring system used pertaining third party to handle the on-site installations. In addition, there was no any mobile API integrated with the installers.

How odoo ERP software was installed in the Pazstone company -

There was separate mobile API solution provided to the on-site staff. Besides this, custom order entry system was implemented for the order invoicing properly. To manage the stock level repositories, receipts and deliveries, at each level the dynamic workflow control system framework was implemented. Separate invoices were being started to generate the contractor’s payment.

Benefits -

  • up to date sales reports on time
  • decrease in the staff for order entries
  • exceptional growth since the erp implementation
  • excellent automated generated order invoices
  • better control and planning in manufacturing process

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Why is toy industry in Chhanapatna famous for ?

Channapatna is a city located from 60 km far from Banglore, Karnataka. It is also known as the town of toys. Its native language is Kannada and it haskannada as its own native language. The wooden toys manufacturers here are related to the small and medium scale industries.

Each and every household here are associated to the toy making. Its products have also made a worldwide recognition under world trade centre. Here wooden material of ivory-wood, rubber, pine and teak are used to make toys. here toys are wood based but the polishing and vegetable dyes are also used to varnish these toys.

There is a huge change in the thinking attitude of craftsmen as per according to changing customer demands. These changes have been successful to bring changes to craftsmen with financial stability. It will bring sustainability, overall socio-economic development and profitability to the artisans.  

Today Indian Government has started the initiative to start giving the GI certificate (geographical identity certificates ) which is given on the basis of locality origin and member country specific people. Basically this comes under the intellectual property right (IPR).

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What type of ERP software required in the today' DX economics era ?

In today’s era all the business entrepreneurs are moving towards the SAAS and cloud based ERP software, which are updated and configured on the base of customer requirements. It enables their systems to grow to the new areas around the globe.

The less frustration and more innovative ERP systems are now necessarily for not only the big businesses and big brands, but also for the MSME enterprises (medium and small scale). To choose the right SAAS ERP software whether for the school, college or university, it is necessary for the technology partner to understand about the factors necessary for getting successful in DX economics.

There are following characteristics necessary for today’s cloud ERP software -

  • more cognitive and intelligent machine learning
  • deep learning protocols
  • natural language processing
  • advanced analytics capabilities
  • understand native and interactive UI to uncover insights

Speed is the most important factor in DX economy which can increase the overall market share, revenue potential and profitability score. It is necessary for today’s companies to understand the strategic direction and innovation capabilities of a current ERP software which can lead them to the future.

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