What are the gate management features of the college ERP software ?

Gate Security Management Salient features -

  • Set the gate security settings as guest house settings, guards etc
  • Manage security guards and their duty charts
  • Maintain gate entry registry which includes :
  1. General Visitor Entry Register details
  2. Main Gate Bill Entry Register details
  3. K.M. Entry Register details
  4. Parents Entry Register details
  5. Students Entry Register details
  6. Students Leave Out/ In Register details
  7. Campus Staff Register details
  8. Campus Staff Guest Register details
  9. Day Staff Entry Register details
  • Maintain guest house records like facilities provided, categories, room to add rooms, guest house details, bookings and provide the detail reports for the guest house
  • Key management which include detailed key list, allotted key list or to allot keys.

by - college ERP